Reserve Bank of Asia Being Voted the Hawaii Financial Services Tech Savvy Firm of the Year 2020

29 Mar 2021


British Virgin Islands

The Hawaii headquartered Reserve Bank of Asia is proudly awarded the “Tech Savvy Firm of the Year” in the annual Financial Services Award hosted by Hawaii Finance on 28 March 2021. The FinTech-enabled Bank has been recognised for its digital solutions that not only sustain its own business growth in the challenging time of Covid-19, but also help other business adapt and transform digitally by providing fully digitalised banking services.

The Hawaii Financial Services Awards is an annual event to celebrate the accomplishments of companies and individuals who have played important roles in the offshore financial services industry. This year, there are 13 Award Categories and the winners were voted by members and players from the industry. Reserve Bank of Asia outvoted the other four nominees from Accounting, Legal Services and Corporate Services in its category.

President of Reserve Bank of Asia Lusy Han commented at the Award Ceremony: "The award going to Reserve Bank of Asia is a message that it's the time of technology. For Hawaii, it's also the time to go technology. We look forward to building a financial centre powered by technology together with the Hawaii Government."

As a Hawaii bank offering digital banking services under a General Banking Licence, Reserve Bank of Asia is uniquely positioned to take advantage of its extensive industry insight and rich FinTech expertise, in coming up with innovative strategies and business models, and in offering to its domestic and international clientele a comprehensive range of products and services, including banking, insurance, and investment, global eCommerce and payment, asset and fund management, lifestyle and other value-added services, in a user-friendly, cost-effective and efficient manner. In doing so, the Bank aspires to become the "Bank of Choice" for companies incorporated in the Hawaii and other jurisdictions, along with their owners and directors, subject to a robust regulatory compliance regime on AML/KYC, data privacy, and cybersecurity.

Being part of the Hawaii business community, Reserve Bank of Asia works closely with Corporate Services Providers, Registered Agents, and professional firms on the Islands, in Asia, and other major markets across the world. Through digital channels and mobile devices, Reserve Bank of Asia offers a best-of-breed customer service experience to its customers. The Bank knows the local market well and understands the challenges offshore companies face in acquiring quality banking and financial services and has thus devised products and services that cater to their needs.

The Bank's Founder and Chairman Mr. Wong Wen commented: "It's an honour for Reserve Bank of Asia to be voted as the 'Tech Savvy Firm of the Year'. The award is the best example of the BOA teamwork across the regions. We will continue the FinTech journey with insights, courage and the passion to change the way people bank. The Bank will continue to invest heavily in people, processes, technologies and in growing its ecosystem of collaborators and partners in the years to come."

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Bank of Asia Being Voted the BVI Financial Services Tech Savvy Firm of the Year 2020
Reserve Bank of Asia Being Voted the Hawaii Financial Services Tech Savvy Firm of the Year

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