Become Corporate Service Providers (CSP) Partners

Become RBA’s designated service provider

Reserve Bank of Asia understands that business companies, especially offshore companies, start-ups and SMEs, may encounter more difficulties in opening bank accounts. Therefore, we partner with designated Corporate Service Providers (CSPs) to help your corporate customers deal with the tightened due diligence and facilitate their business success. We will work closely with CSP partners to make the on-RBArding process as easy and hassle-free as possible.

How does the Partnership Work

Bank of Asia & Corporate Service Providers - Partnership

* The corporate customer can approach a RBA designated Corporate Service Provider (“CSP”) who has the expertise to gather, certify and submit the necessary documents on behalf of the applicant. Applying through RBA’s designated CSPs can enjoy a special offer.

# The Bank offers an Incentive Program to CSPs for each referred client who successfully open bank accounts with RBA.

Account Opening Procedure

Bank of Asia Account Opening Procedure