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First NFT Exhibition by RBAX​


Dr. Dominic

A Multidisciplinary Master Artist​

Dr. Dominic is a well-established scientist, doctor, academic, educator and philanthropist. Above all, he is an artist who discovered his passion for Art at the age of six.​

Watch BBC Interview of Dr. Dominic

Dr. Dominic ', Precious, Vol.68 Sept

Dominic’s Masterpieces Re-interpretated

Featured Artwork:

Olympic Happiness

Left: Mr. Ian Wen, Right: Dr. Dominic

Olympic Happiness NFT by Dr. Dominic and Mr. Wen, Founder of RBAX and Chairman of RBA Financial Group

To be unveiled on 23 July


NFT Price to be announced

The theme of the Olympic Happiness NFT is From People to Peace to People, symbolised by the transition from the human element in the NFT to the peace dove, and back to the human element. It was based on the painting by Dr. Dominic originally created for the Beijing Olympic Games in 2004 to symbolize the wish of “Peace for the World and Happiness for all People”, where he integrated the logo of the Olympic Games (the five rings representing the continents) with Chinese calligraphy, and the result represents the Chinese character “樂” which means happiness) to further enhance the message of global harmony, art and sports across cultures all over the world.

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The Concept of the Collection

Voyage of Discovery, ,L/P,;K0J9C8T Y65​


Medium: Chromoskedasic Painting, Digital Media

Sold Price: US $1 million

NFT Price to be announced​

Milus Time, ​

Digitalized: ​

Medium: Chromoskedasic Painting, Digital Media

NFT Price to be announced​

  • What is NFT?​

    NFTs which stand for Non-Fungible Tokens are pieces of digital content linked to the blockchain, which is essentially a digital ledger of transactions that is duplicated and distributed across the entire network of computer systems on the blockchain. Unlike fungible tokens which can be replaced or exchanged with another identical one of the same value, NFTs are unique and not mutually interchangeable, which means no two NFTs are identical.

    Much of the current market for NFTs is centered around collectibles, such as digital artwork, sports cards, and rarities. They are digital representations of assets and have been likened to digital passports because each token contains a unique, non-transferable identity to distinguish it from other tokens.

    The majority of NFTs reside on the Ethereum cryptocurrency’s blockchain. The creator of the NFT retains the copyright for it, as well as the right to duplicate it as many times as they want. In some cases, the creator will receive royalties each time an NFT is sold.

  • Why the Mega Trend?​​

    Over the past few months, global sports franchises, famous artists and musicians, and global fashion brands have launched NFTs. In April, Auction house Christie’s sold “Everydays: the First 5000 Days”- a digital artwork in JPEG form by an artist known as Beeple, for US$69.3 million - the third-most-expensive work ever sold by a living artist. Like cryptocurrencies, NFTs belong to a borderless, decentralized, virtual global ecosystem - crypto marketplaces in which they are created, proffered and acquired. While artists have been working in other digital media for over 50 years, NFTs are a new horizon for the fine art sector.​

    NFTs are capable of much more than simple certificates of ownership. We see NFTs becoming the digital representation of physical art and objects, unleashing entirely new ways to create value for stakeholders and creating brand new entertainment markets.​

    Through NFTs, we are witnessing the convergence of the incredible dynamics of cryptocurrency trading and the traditional art world, whereby RBAX NFT marketplace offers a revolutionary solution for trading collectible artwork as unique digital assets on a tamper-proof blockchain.​

  • What makes RBAX unique?

    RBAX is a premium NFT marketplace that allows users to trade rare digital assets online, and forms part of the ecosystem supported by Bank of Asia, a BVI based digital assets friendly bank powered by fintech. RBAX focuses on collaboration with Master Artists and influential celebrities with stories to transform their masterpieces into new digital formats in the form of NFTs, thereby breathing new life and energy into the original pieces and enabling sharing of the unique meaning and perspective of the works in the new cyberspace.

    Empowered by its banking partner and related ecosystem, RBAX is uniquely positioned as a strong player in the crypto space and serves to facilitate the most influential speakers in the crypto circle and beyond to unite and make positive social impact through the sharing of art in the digital form, connecting the younger, tech-savvy generation to the masterminds and their masterpieces.